Where to Find Cheap Magna Tiles (and what to build with them)

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We've had magna tiles for approximately two months now, and my daughter has played with them every day. Magna-tiles are very open-ended and can be incorporated into practically any game. Rocket ships. Parking garages for matchbox cars. Jail cells and homes for little people and weebles. My daughter constantly amazes me by what she builds.

As a parent, I really love magna tiles too. I can see educational opportunities in them from preschool to geometry. Right off, my daughter learned that two right-triangles make a square, three isosceles triangles make a trapezoid. She instantly figured out how to build cubes and pyramids and she said, "I'm a cube builder! I'm a pyramid builder!" In addition, I use magna tiles to teach about patterns.

We have both translucent and opaque magna tiles. At times, my daughter will yank the opaque ones away from me and give me a translucent one instead. That way she can see her weebles and little people inside of her structures. So if you're choosing between the two, I'd buy translucent.

So, in conclusion, buy the translucent magna-tiles! This is the best toy ever!!

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Where to Find Cheap Magna Tiles (and what to build with them)

As you just read in that review, Magna Tiles are awesome! Kids love them AND parents love them.

When it comes to buying toys that are totally worth the money, Magna Tiles top that list.

Just be prepared - Magna Tiles are not cheap if you buy that at normal prices.

If you're looking for discount and sale prices for Magna Tiles building sets, here are some places where I've found the best prices.

Complete list of the couple places online that sell cheap Magna Tiles sets

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